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ViviEon is a chill match-3 puzzle game. Unlike a regular match-3, blocks won't disappear the moment you match them. Instead, you have a set number of moves to match as many blocks at once as you can. When you're happy with your matches (or you've run out of moves) end your turn to remove all matched blocks simultaneously. When your next turn beings, a new set of blocks will fall in to replenish your supply. Should the stack of blocks ever reach the top row, it's game over.

- Endless arcade mode. See how high you can score!
- Compatible with keyboards and PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One controllers.


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This is quite nice! Really polished, and perfectly fits the description of "chill."

I really like this! It's such a creative idea for a relaxing puzzle game with no time pressure whatsoever. Panel de Pon/Puzzle League is one of my favorite puzzle games, and this gives me some heavy vibes without being a simple clone.

I did encounter a problem however. The "how to play" section crashes my game every time I select it on the menu. This also caused my high score to be deleted because it did not save upon exit. My laptop specs are W7/Intel Core i7/NVIDIA NVS 4200m; this is what the error message looks like: https://i.imgur.com/hCNiO2h.png

Otherwise, this is a very charming puzzler that I can see myself playing in short sessions from time to time, and I'm glad I picked it up. Nice work!

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Oh no! I'm really sorry to hear that it's crashing like that! This never came up in testing; I'll have to take a closer look at what's going on when that menu opens. Thank you for sharing it, and I'm glad you're enjoying the game regardless! Panel de Pon was a big inspiration for this game, so I'm please that comes through in the finished product :D


Without being able to replicate this crash, the only thing I can think that would cause it is the video clips that play in the How To Play screen. 

I've pushed an update (V1.1) that uses static images instead of videos in the hopes that solves the issue. If you get a chance, I'd appreciate it greatly if you could give it a try and see if it still crashes on your system! 

Just tried it out and it works without a hitch! It was a minor issue and didn't interfere with my enjoyment of the game, but I appreciate you taking the time to address it. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any projects you may pursue in the future!

Thank you so much! I'm glad I was able to help!

Dear DISC 1,

many thanks for your great game ViviEon.

I bought their game, it is possible to get a Steam key.

Many thanks for your help


Glad you like it! I'm in the process of adding Steam keys. They should be available within the next few days!

Speak of the devil! The keys just arrived. You should be able to request them from the purchase page now. let me know if you have any trouble. 

Nice graphics and music, and also pretty clever idea.

Thank you! I worked hard to make something fun :)